Smoked mackerel pate

Only two ingredients, smoked mackerel and Quark, make pate in an instant. Quark is a fat free slightly acidic German curd cheese available from the cheese selection. Serve on toast with a few leaves of mixed salad, or use to make sandwiches. Seasoning is unnecessary!


  • One or two smoked mackerel fillets depending on size

    Half a 250 g tub of Quark

    You will need a blender


  1. Select one or two smoked mackerel fillets. (Keep the remainder in the original wrapper, put in a polythene bag, seal, and store in the freezer.) Using a knife, peel back the skin from the fillet and discard. Break up the fish as you pop it into a blender, or small bowl or jug if you use a hand blender.
  2. Spoon out about half a tub of Quark into the mackerel. (You can freeze the remainder.)
  3. Blend. You will have to scrape down the sides of the blender until the ingredients mix properly.
  • Total time: 5 minutes

Serves: 6

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