South-Indian Poached chicken curry

This is a unique healthy curry cooked with fresh ingredients like mint,corriander which are full of nutrients with a base of vegetables light coconut milk in which chicken/lamb/vegetables are poached . With light spices like curcumin(turmeric) and star anise,it has a delicious flavour.

My recipe is:

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Its a refreshingly tasty,healthy,versatile recipe from Southern India full of antioxidants,low oil content,freezable,adaptable to suit your meat preferences and perfect for beginners who want to learn indian cooking.Goes well with rice / naan.


  • Garlic -50gms
    Fresh coriander leaves-100gms(1bunch)
    Fresh mint leaves-100gms(1bunch)
    Fresh long green chillies -3 to 4
    White onions – 2
    Fresh chicken drumsticks and bony thighs-1kg

    Bay leaves – 3 to 4
    Cloves- 3 to 4
    Whole black pepper – 5 to 6
    Star Aniseed – 2 to 3
    Turmeric powder – Half a teaspoon

    Vegetable oil – 1tablespoon
    Salt to taste


  1. 1.Wash the chicken and marinate it for an hour with salt and turmeric powder2.In a food processor,make the green curry paste as follows :Grind together the garlic,ginger,greenchillies,corriander and mint leaves ,green chillies and onion halves with a dash of water till you get a smooth paste. Heat oil in a pan,add bay leaves,cloves,whole black pepper,star aniseed,stir for just half a minute.Then add the green curry paste,sauté it for about 3minutes,add 1tin coconut milk,stir,add chicken,cook .
  • Total time: 1hour prep + 40minutes cooking

Serves: 4

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