Spicy pork casserole

There's nothing better in this icy weather than a wonderful casserole full of spicy flavours with a delicious gravy. It freezes well if you can resist emptying the pot. It takes an hour or two to cook but if you put it in the oven you can forget all about it. You can vary it by adding vegetables to make it an all-in one, or add wine and prunes for a delicious dinner party recipe, or adjust the spices if you want it more mellow, or add redcurrant jelly to make the sauce deliciously rich. A perennial winter favourite.


  • 4 port shoulder chops (or rib chops)
    desertspoon of flour
    large onion
    10 cloves
    10 cardamon pods
    1 cinnamon stick
    teaspoon of chili flakes
    4 cloves garlic (more or less, to personal taste)
    1 pint meat stock


  1. toss chops in seasoned flour brown on all sides on high heat, remove from the pan fry the onion until transparent and golden add the cloves, cardamon and cinnamon to the pan, fry gnetly for a minute or two Add garlic and chili return chops to the pan and toss together add stock and bring to the boil Cover pot and reduce heat to a gently simmer or place in the oven at 150 degrees for anything from one-two hours to reduce the chops to meltingly tender Put back on to a higher heat to reduce the sauce. Serve with masked potatoes to soak up the sauce and a green vegetable
  • Total time: prep 15 minutes plus simmering time

Serves: 4

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