stuffed fish

This simple tasty recipe really does lift your spirits and of course your taste buds.


  • 1 whole cleaned fish (bream/tilapia) or any you like
    Or 2 large fillets.
    Salt and pepper to taste
    Large clove of garlic
    Large knob of ginger 1inch
    2tablesponns honey or marmalade.
    Large handful of corriander or parsley(6tablespoons)
    1 optional chilli according to taste (flakes acceptable)
    1 lime zested and juiced (lemon can be substitiuted)


  1. Ensure fish is clean and descaled. Wash throughly. Sprinkle with salt and peper if using.Set aside on foil ready for grilling later. Grate garlic/ginger add coriander or parsley and zest of lime. Add chopped chilli 1/4 teaspoon if using. Or sprinkle of chilli flakes. Add honey/marmalade mix throughly.
  2. Take herby mix and place in belly of fish (if whole) or in between both fillets. Any extra just place over the fish. Finally drizzle lime juice over the fish . Set aside for 30mins if possible.
  3. Heat grill or oven to 150. Place fish iunder grill keeping a close eye. Depending on size of fish or thickness turn at least once after 10minutes. If in the oven 150 depending on thickness fish should be ready after 20 minutes
  4. Serve with new potooes and or a chrisp salad
  • Total time: 40mins

Serves: 2

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