Sweethearts Breakfast

I see this a what cupid would eat for breakfast, its a sweet, romantic start to the a sunday. x


  • Natural Or Greek Yogurt (A Carton)
    A tub of fresh, organic strawberrys
    A tbsp of honey
    Soft oats 2 tbsps
    Sultanas ( as many a wanted)
    Juice of one orange
    A blender


  1. Pour yogurt into the blender and whizz for a couple of seconds. Then add washed strawberries and whizz for a minutes until smooth add in honey and whizz again until your happy that it looks as if mixed well. Add into a pudding glass or bowl. Sprinkle with sultanas and some soft oats pour on juice of an orange and maybe a little more honey if desired. Enjoy.
  • Total time: 10 minutes tops

Serves: 2

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