The Glenrothes Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned represents what is perhaps the oldest form of cocktail known. The term simply refers to making a cocktail the ‘Old Fashioned’ way.


50 ml The Glenrothes Select Reserve
1 teaspoon Buckwud (100% pure Canadian maple syrup)
2 dashes Campari bitters
Orange peel to garnish



1. Fill a chilled old fashioned glass with 50ml of The Glenrothes Select Reserve, 1 teaspoon of Buckwud (100% pure Canadian maple syrup), and 2 dashes of Campari bitters.

2. Garnish with 1 (1/2 inch thick) strip orange peel

Top Tip

If you are using a sugar cube instead of the maple syrup, muddle it in the bottom of an old fashioned glass with the bitters and a teaspoon of water

2.5 units of alcohol per serve

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