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The sherry guide

The port lodges of Vila Nova de Gaia Porto, Portugal

Sherry rediscovered

From crisp, floral fino to rich, chocolaty PX, the numerous styles of sherry are as unique and fascinating as the land from which they come. This most historic and grandest of wines is undergoing something of a quiet revolution with its modern, food-friendly styles reaching a whole new generation of sherry lovers. In this brief guide we've brought together experts such as Nick Room and Michael Hall to discover what makes sherry so special and hopefully to help you find a few new favourite tipples!

Historic Lustau

The sherry masters

Many of the sherry houses that crowd the streets of Jerez have a history as fascinating as the wines they produce. Discover more about Lustau, one of sherry's most respected producers.

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From grape to glass

Sherry - From grape to glass

The starting point of any quality wine is in the vineyard and the unique soils of the Jerez region make it ideal for the production of these superb styles. In the winery, the sherry-making process is one of the most complex of any wine but a thoroughly rewarding experience for the producers who have mastered the art.

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Sherry through the ages

Timeless appeal: Sherry through the ages

Sherry is experiencing an amazing renaissance. Its quality has reached new heights over the last 30 years as producers focus their efforts on growing the grapes in the best vineyard locations, limiting supply and selling clearly-defined styles.

Sales of sherry have been caught on a real rollercoaster ride through the ages. It has been popular since the 16th century and by the mid-19th century sherry accounted for nearly half of all wine imports into Britain. However, a steady decline in quality through over-production and an increasingly outdated image contributed to its loss of popularity.

Yet, in the 21st century, Sherry is firmly back on the map. Quality sherry, particularly fino and manzanilla, is in demand and the sherry ‘houses’ are rising to the challenge by introducing exciting new variations. Sherry is now regarded as an all-year-round drink which can be enjoyed throughout the entire meal.

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