Building the modern Waitrose

The world of retail is constantly evolving and at Waitrose we’re working to make sure we’re always at the forefront of market-leading innovation and ​new technologies that will shape the shopping experience of the future.

Waitrose Hot Ideas is a new incubator programme set up to identify and develop  ​technological innovations that of​fer the potential to create a uniquely Waitrose experience. The initiative is designed to put experimentation front and centre within the business; from working collaboratively with customers at the early stages of product development to embedding a culture internally that is exploratory and interactive, and most important, we’re not afraid to fail.

For more information about Hot Ideas or if you have your own Hot Idea that you would like to talk to us about, please email


'Technology is changing the way customers are shopping and at Waitrose we are working to make sure that we are at the forefront of market-leading technology and innovation. The "Waitrose Hot Ideas" programme creates a culture in which we are able to push the boundaries, working with our Partners and customers to find convenient and time-saving shopping solutions and our exciting partnership with Hiku is one example of this,' Waitrose IT Director, Cheryl Millington