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The Waitrose Food & Drink Report 2016

The results are in…We reveal the nation's top food trends with The Waitrose Food & Drink Report 2016. 

Based on millions of purchases in Waitrose shops and online, and our new consumer research, we can reveal for the second year running what the nation is eating and drinking and the key food trends.


Some of the highlights on what we're eating 

We're opting for smaller versions of treats more than ever before - sales of mini hot cross buns rose by 165% at Easter

- 60% of people claim the food they eat now is fresher and lighter than it was 5 years ago

- 39% of people take greater care over how they present food on their plate than they did 5 years ago

- Sandwich sales increased by 5% nationwide this year – the UK’s most popular flavours are prawn mayo and smoked ham and cheese

- 34% of us freeze more food than we did five years ago - and sales of
food storage containers are up by 37%, as many keep their leftovers for another meal

Breakfast jam

Some of the highlights on what we're drinking

- This summer, the top three selling spirits at Waitrose were all gin, which accounted for 1/3 of all spirit sales

- Nearly 2/3 of us choose sugary drinks or hot beverages at lunchtime, while only 1/3 drink water

- It seems rosé was the drink of choice this summer – sales were up a massive 104%, led by the ‘frosé’ trend. That’s a frozen cocktail of rosé, lemon juice and sugar, if you didn’t know…

For our definitive guide to what we're all eating and drinking this year,
download the report here.