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The Waitrose Food & Drink Report 2015

The results are in…We reveal the nation's top food trends with The Waitrose Food & Drink Report 2015. 

Based on millions of purchases in Waitrose shops and online, and our new consumer research, we can reveal for the second year running what the nation is eating and drinking and the key food trends.


Some of the highlights on what we're eating 

Half of us now shop more like we’re on holiday; little and often, locally, and focusing on fresh food for tonight.

Two thirds admit to being overwhelmed by the endless choices available
in all aspects of life

- A third of us say pausable TVs and services like Netflix and iPlayer mean fewer TV dinners in our homes. But in general our mealtimes are more informal than ever – one in seven families use their dining room less than they used to, and a quarter of us eat outside more.

- When it comes to health, eight in 10 of us no longer like to be told what’s healthy and what’s not. We are becoming our own experts – researching diets to suit our lifestyle.

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Some of the highlights on what we're drinking

- More diners are ordering wine by the glass - either in an effort to cut down the amount they drink, or to try more than one variety during a meal

- The craft beer revolution shows no sign of slowing. Sales are up 34%

- Rosé champagne has provided a fresh alternative to the champagne market. Sales are up 46% year-on-year

- Any lingering snobbery about English wine has disappeared as it’s so good. Sales are up 95% year-on-year

For our definitive guide to what we're all eating and drinking this year, download the report here.