Christmas cheese board

The perfect festive cheese board

Indulge family and friends in a delicious Christmas cheese board. From the creamiest Vacherin to a smooth Gouda and mature Cheddar, here’s our pick for making your 2016 Christmas cheese board the best ever.

1. Waitrose 1 Cornish Quartz
Cheddar >

This cheddar has a crunchy texture and is made with 100% Cornish milk. It’s matured for 3 years to give a creamy texture and complex flavours.

2. Waitrose Cropwell Bishop Nottinghamshire Blue >

A rich cheese with strong, spicy blue notes, a pleasant tang and lovely depth of flavour.

3. Waitrose 1 Matured Goat’s milk Gouda >

This is a lovely, smooth and sweet Gouda. The flavour is an intense combination of vanilla toffee and fruitiness.


4. Waitrose 1 Berthaut's Epoisses De Bourgogne >

A soft cheese made from cow’s milk. This cheese was first made by monks in the Abbaye de Citeaux in the heart of Burgundy, Its lovely, distinctive taste has a lot to do with the fact that it’s washed 9 times with Marc de Bourgogne!

A. Paiarrop Spanish quince paste >

A great pairing to hard cheeses.

B. Paiarrop date & walnut wedge >

Wonderful with goat’s cheese and brie.


Don't miss...

Waitrose's Badoz Vacherin Du Haut is a truly delicious cheese that’s soft and creamy with woody, earthy notes.  Scoop out with a spoon or crusty bread and drink with Waitrose Vintage Champagne - a truly stunning match!

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What to drink

What to drink...

No festive food and wine combination is more deeply ingrained than port and Stilton - a seasonal match first made in 18th century that still works today.

However, sweet white wines such as Sauternes, and malty beers such as porters, can be just as good with Stilton’s salty intensity. And port is less successful with creamier  or less pungent styles such as goat’s cheese (try a Loire Sauvignon Blanc) and non-blue hard cheeses such as mature cheddar or Comte. Here, a full flavoured dry white such as a oaked Chardonnay, or a nutty dry palo cortado or amontillado sherry would be a much better fit.