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Value With Integrity


Good quality is essential.

Our fundamental belief is that few things in life are more important than the food you buy, even the everyday cupboard and fridge-fillers that are at the heart of any weekly shop. Every essential Waitrose item is sourced with the same care and commitment to quality, sustainable sourcing, animal welfare and respect for the environment as all of our other product ranges. For example:

Fruit & vegetables

essential Waitrose fruit and vegetables from the UK come from LEAF accredited growers (Linking Environment and Farming) who share our commitment to sustainable farming, promoting wildlife habitats and protecting the environment. 

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As with all fish sold at Waitrose, all of our essential Waitrose fish range, from smoked mackerel fillets to fish fingers, are sourced only from well managed fisheries and aquaculture operatios who are committed to sustainable fishing.   

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From expert pasta makers in the Abruzzo region of Italy, essential Waitrose pasta is made with 100 per cent durum wheat and pure spring water.

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essential Waitrose lamb is reared by specially selected farmers in the UK and New Zealand to high animal welfare and environmental standards.

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essential Waitrose chickens are reared on selected British farms with plenty of open space and natural light.

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essential Waitrose milk is produced by a dedicated selection of farmers, who exclusively supply milk to us and share our values.

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Canned tomatoes

Specifically chosen for their flavour, essential Waitrose canned tomatoes are grown on selected farms in Puglia, southern Italy.

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