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Heston's Valentine's recipes

Heston from Waitrose

Waitrose and Heston share a passion for incredible food. Together we’ve developed this exclusive range, bringing an unexpected twist to your favourite dishes.

“Waitrose is a supermarket that’s actually excited about food. That’s why I’ve worked with them to develop this selection. All the special techniques I’ve developed in my restaurants, all my scientific knowhow and a sprinkling of culinary magic have gone into creating what I think is the finest range of foodstuffs you’ll find anywhere.  Because a great meal needs great ingredients.” Heston

Heston from Waitrose offers a tantalising array of stocks, sauces, sides, mains and desserts. From Lapsang Souchong Tea Smoked Salmon to Salted caramel popcorn ice cream, Heston has produced an enticing and innovative range all created, honed and perfected, personally, by Heston, for Waitrose.

Easter tea Heston style

Try some delcious Easter afternoon tea recipe ideas, courtsey of Heston.

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Watch Britain's top chef, Heston Blumenthal, talk about his range of gourmet dishes for you to enjoy at home. Classic recipes have been given the kind of culinary twist he is famous for in the new Heston from Waitrose prepared meals.


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Heston from Waitrose Tea Smoked Salmon

Heston from Waitrose Tea Smoked Salmon

Lapsang Souchong has a distinctive smoky taste which imparts a lovely flavour to the responsibly farmed salmon.

Heston from Waitrose Black Forest Buche

Heston from Waitrose Black Forest Buche

Heston's Black Forest Buche has seven rich, intensely flavoured layers that create a gloriously indulgent dessert.

Heston from Waitrose Earl Grey & Lemon Gin

Heston's Earl Grey & Lemon Gin

Brings together two classic British flavours; traditional London dry gin and Earl Grey tea, along with a dash of lemon.