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10 reasons to freeze

Top 10 reasons to freeze...Waitrose Frozen

Stocking up on frozen food, either raw ingredients or ready-prepared, really is the smart choice – and here’s why…

1. Locked-in freshness

Many products, such as peas and fish, are frozen the moment they’re picked or caught, which effectively locks in the key nutrients.

2. Eat out of season

You can enjoy British foods that have a short natural season – such as summer berries and broadbeans - all year round.

3. Less waste

Freezing keeps many products in optimum condition for up to a year, which means you’re much less likely to have to throw away uneaten food.

4. Portion control

‘Individually quickfrozen’ technology means that every grain, berry and pea is frozen separately, allowing you to use exactly the amount you need.

5. Cater to all tastes

With the Waitrose range of frozen vegetarian meals, you’ll never be caught out again by non-meat eaters – there’s a delicious meal to suit everyone.

6. Impromptu guests

When friends drop round, pop a tray of Waitrose party snacks in the oven for an impressive spread in no time. You’ll be the host with the most!

7. Buy in bulk deliveries take the hassle out of buying frozen food in bulk – so you can stock up while making the most of our special offers.

8. So convenient

Preparing veg such as butternut squash can take time. Buying frozen allows you to cook from scratch without all the hassle of peeling and chopping.

9. Great fast food

Most frozen products can be cooked straight from the freezer, so you don’t need to worry about defrosting before cooking.

10. Ice cream

Need we say more? With around 200 varieties of irresistible ice cream and frozen yogurt at Waitrose, you’ll find there’s something for everyone.

Buy frozen food the easy way – have it delivered to your door.