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Heston's eggstraordinary dippy Easter egg
It may look like something from the chicken shed, but this huge shell is pure chocolate – thick 65 per cent dark coated in a thin layer of white, before being hand-sprayed with natural colours to make it look as if it were laid by a giant, chocoholic hen. Inside you’ll find blue milk chocolate eggs filled with sea salt caramel and a pile of edible soil to dip them into.

Mini eggs

Mini eggs 
Great things really do come in small packages. With Marc de Champagne, cappuccino and ginger truffles to choose from, not to mention our delicious marzipan mini eggs, you really are spoilt for choice. 

Sweetie eggs

Sweet like chocolate 

With a choice of retro jelly drops, dolly mix or speckled eggs in the centre of the shell, these sweet surprises are sure to be hit with grown-ups and children alike. 

Hand decorated eggs

No half measures 

Can’t decide between white, milk or dark chocolate? Now you don’t have to thanks to our hand decorated chocolate eggs. Choose your favourite chocolate combo and flavour with our caramel fudge, carrot cake, Scottish raspberry or Arabica coffee eggs.

Woodland friends

Say hello to our Woodland friends Hop the frog, Spike the hedgehog and brother and sister owls Ollie and Izzy. Inspired by wildlife found in British forests, these Belgian chocolate characters are delicious and great fun for all the family.