Artisan gin

Small gin producers are making a huge impact, mixing stylish design with tantalising new flavour combinations. As a result, gin is an exciting prospect for both newcomers and gin faithfuls looking to try something new.

6 o'Clock Gin

6 O'Clock Gin

Made by Michael Kain at Bramley and Gage in Gloucestershire, this delightful small-batch gin is full of floral and citrus flavours. It was inspired by Michael's great grandfather, who always looked forward to six o'clock – his time for `ginspiration'.

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Portobello Road Gin

Road Gin

Created on the upper floors of the Portobello Star (a bar on London's Portobello Road), this gin boasts nine botanicals, including liquorice and nutmeg, and
a good slug of juniper.
Serve with tonic and a pink grapefruit twist, say
creators Ged, Jake and Paul.

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Adnams Copper House Gin
Adnams Copper House Gin

Forward-thinking Suffolk coast brewery Adnams has turned its hand to making elegant artisan spirits in its Copper House distillery.
Six botanicals create
classic notes of juniper alongside sweet orange
and hibiscus.

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Sipsmith London Dry Gin
Sipsmith London Dry Gin

This popular London Dry Gin is made with 10 botanicals, which add a zesty freshness and aromatic notes. Smooth enough for a Martini, it's also perfect in a G&T. Says co-founder Sam Galsworthy: `It confidently hits the palate with juniper, warms it with spice and then wrings it dry, begging you to take another sip.'

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