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Fairtrade coffee

Waitrose is proud to sell coffees bearing the Fairtrade Mark - meaning they are independently guaranteed to meet internationally recognised fair trade standards.

You can be sure the producers and workers are getting a fair deal - and they taste great too!

Peru Decaff Organic Fairtrade coffee

A medium bodied coffee with a satisfying aroma, this coffee is full in flavour and low in caffeine

The high-altitude microclimates of the tropical valleys of the Andes yield Arabica beans with good acidity, round body and superb flavour. Local smallholders have united in an impressive coffee cooperative program, which raises standards and invests in their community to build schools and clinics. Waitrose imports this special coffee under a Fair Trade agreement with the COCLA cooperative.

Sumatra Mandheling Organic Fairtrade R&G coffee

Wild, exotic and spicy with an intense rich flavour

Grown on small plots in Takengon in northwest Sumatra at an altitude of more than 3,600 feet, Sumatra Mandheling coffee uses a semi-washed process for an earthy yet clean taste with full body and low acidity. The Organic-certified coffee estates were affected by the tsunami of 2004 and farmers have diligently rebuilt their plantations. The rewarding working environment and long-term investment in the local community has resulted in high standards and a coffee of exceptional quality.

We import this special coffee under a Fair Trade agreement. The provenance of this exceptional coffee is unique to Waitrose.

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