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Flavours of coffee

Coffee experts use the same sort of vocabulary as wine connoisseurs to describe the many flavours and aromas of coffee: different varieties may be chocolatey, full-bodied, lively or even fruity. Be adventurous and try some different types depending on the occasion and how you like to drink your coffee - why not keep notes on the coffees you like when experimenting.


Spicy coffees are aromatic, with exotic undertones of cinnamon, pepper or cloves. They usually come from the Far East, but some are from India. We suggest Waitrose Java for a full-bodied, darkly spiced flavour, or try Monsooned Malabar from southern India for a medium dark roast.


Some coffees have a sweetness that is nothing to do with added sugar. Sweet coffees are smooth and mild, with a hint of caramel or fruit. Costa Rican La Laguna and Fazenda Transwal are some of the delicious sweet coffees that you will find in the Waitrose range.


Smooth and aromatic, with an aftertaste of vanilla. Chocolatey coffees are slightly bitter, reminiscent of fine dark chocolate. Drink them black, or add milk for a creamier taste. Try our Rich Italian Continental Blend or Blue Mandheling, both particularly suitable for drinking after dinner.


A slightly sweet flavour with an undertone of fruit — experts can detect notes of green apples, citrus or berries. In general, fruity coffees are lively and refreshing. Drink them throughout the day, or perhaps after dinner with a dessert. Try Mountain Blend, Kenyan Blend and Mocha Blend.


Coffee can have the clean, fresh flavour of newly shelled nuts. Some may be slightly almondy, while others have the richer, sweeter taste of walnuts, Nutty coffees tend to be well-balanced with a rounded texture. Colombian Supremo is a wonderful example from the Waitrose range.


All roasted coffee smells good as it brews, but some varieties have aromas that you can taste as well. Aromatic coffee can be quite spicy, or it may be delicately fragrant, redolent of blossom. The Organic Blend and Mocha Sidamo are two very different aromatic coffees in our range.


Coffees that are intense have a rich dark taste. They are often described as strong, meaning they have good depth of flavour rather than a high level of caffeine. Intense coffees are full-bodied and satisfying, making them the perfect way to end a meal. Our French Continental Blend is ideal.


Coffees described as silky may have elements of chocolate, sweetness or spice, but all the flavours combine to leave a soft, rounded taste in the mouth. Silky coffees are ideal for drinking at any time of the day. If you like the sound of them we recommend our Costa Rican La Laguna.

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