Coffee origins



The Waitrose Colombian Supremo and Mainstream Colombian coffees come from the El Encanto farm owned by brothers Alesandro and Andres Restrepo. El Encanto - meaning 'the enchanted' - is located in Periera, the main coffee region of Colombia, 1800 metres above sea level. The larger beans produce an exceptionally high quality Arabica coffee with a rich, smooth flavour and slightly nutty aftertaste. This coffee is ground for use in either a cafetiere or filter machine.

The Waitrose Organic coffee comes exclusively from Café de Los Santos farm, based in the Bucarmanga region of Colombia. This organic coffee is grown using only natural fertilisers and spring water, which enhances the delicious natural flavour and aroma of Colombian coffee. There are six families on the farm who each share responsibilities and carry out the daily chores. Their benefits include free housing and utilities, social security, and safe working and living conditions. Every house has land for cultivating food.


Waitrose Mocha Sidamo coffee comes from smallholder farms in the province of Addis Ababa, close to where the original coffee bushes were first discovered. The coffee is grown on more than 70,000 hectares of land and is planted at low densities, ranging from 1000 to 1800 trees per hectare. The farms are members of a local cooperative called the Sidamo Coffee Farmers Cooperative (SCFC), which comprises of 39 members. The major goal of the coops is to invest the profit into sustaining the environment in which the coffee is grown. Follow this link to visit their website: (this link opens in a new window).


Waitrose are working closely with Nyambene and Ruera farms to ensure the finest quality Kenyan coffee is produced for our customers. The Ruera farm is part of the Socfinaf estate and coffee on this farm is grown over 442 hectares of land between the Theta and Mugutha Rivers. Ruera farm produced around 750 tons of fine Kenyan coffee last year which was sold at the Nairobi coffee exchange on a weekly basis.


Waitrose Java coffee is grown on two farms, Blawan and Jampit. The farms are situated on the ljen plateau in East Java near the Kawah ljen volcano and the coffee is grown and processed at 4800ft altitudes. The coffee is specially produced from eco-friendly cultivation which preserves a sustainable coffee cycle that produces a better quality coffee. Blue Mandheling also comes from Indonesia and is grown on 15 small holder farms in Sumatra. Beans from Mandheling have been described as the most full bodied Arabica coffees in the world.


Waitrose Monsooned Malabar coffee comes from the Kulverdikhan farm in the Bababudangiri region of the Karnataka state, South India. The original estate house was founded in 1950 and the original owner was Gregory Joseph Coelho, whose name was used to set up the company, Coelho Coffee Exports, in 1991. This coffee is famous for the special way it gains its flavour characteristics. The beans are seasoned and aged in the humid monsoon air before being left to dry in the warm winds, creating a unique and distinctive flavour.