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Cafe society

At Waitrose you'll find a wide range of medium and dark roasted coffees, available as beans or ready ground, for you to enjoy. Here are just a few from our selection:

Waitrose coffee beans

Continental is dark roasted for a strong continental-style flavour.

Mountain is medium roasted for a full mellow flavour.

Colombian, also medium roasted, has a smooth flavour with a slightly nutty character.

Waitrose select coffees

Java is a medium, dark roasted coffee with a distinctive rich, spicy and exotic flavour.

Guatemala Antigua
Guatemala is another dark roast coffee, with a well-balanced acidity and a sweet aroma.

Mocha Sidamo
From Ethiopia, the Mocha Sidamo is a medium roast coffee that has a fragrant, delicate aroma with a fine, smooth, well-balanced flavour.

Waitrose espresso coffee

The Milano coffee is made from selected arabica beans blended and medium roasted in a northern Italian style to give an intense aroma and a full smooth flavour.

The Napoli coffee is made from arabica beans blended with a small amount of robusta beans and is dark roasted to give an intense flavour.

This article was first published on in April 1998.