The Waitrose Foundation

The Waitrose Foundation is a partnership between Waitrose, our suppliers and the growers who produce, pick and pack our fresh produce in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. The Foundation was launched in 2005 to help improve the lives of the workers and communities that supply our products, including some citrus fruits, flowers and avocados. 

How it works:
When a farm's product is sold, each stage of the supply chain gives a percentage of its profit to the Foundation. That money then goes directly back to the farming community, which decides how the money is spent on local educational, social and healthcare projects. Communities therefore have a direct role in their own development and future success. Waitrose promotes the sale of these products by identifying the Foundation logo on pack.

Celebrating 10 years of the Waitrose Foundation



Mouton citrus

Watch how Mouton citrus in South Africa works with Waitrose Foundation to empower workers and local communities.

Celebrating 10 years of the Waitrose Foundation

Over the past 10 years, the Waitrose Foundation has contributed over 8 million pounds to support programmes that improve access to quality education, health facilities, community development and environmental sustainability. Chosen by worker committees, committee members are elected by their communities and play an important role in the success of the foundation, selecting projects to shape the development of their local community.

Alastair Cook visits farming communities supported by the Waitrose Foundation

Watch as Alastair Cook visits farming communities supported by the Waitrose Foundation

England cricket captain Alastair Cook swapped his pads for grapes when he visited a pioneering farming project in the Western Cape province of South Africa.  Together with his wife Alice and one-year-old daughter Elsie, he saw how the Waitrose Foundation helps to support local farmers on a trip organised by the retailer, which sponsors England Cricket.

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Treating people fairly

The Waitrose Foundation is integral to how we do business – it’s The Waitrose Way. “Treating people fairly is at the heart of everything we do and - whether it’s our customers, our Partners, the communities we operate in or the suppliers we work with - we endeavour always to behave responsibly,” says Mark PriceWaitrose Managing Director.

In 2015, Waitrose announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation, establishing a new and collaborative way of working together. Fairtrade and Waitrose will share best practice, experiences and a joint ambition to build upon sustainable supply chain models.

Treating people fairly
Supporting the Waitrose Foundation