Woodland Trust - Helping plant new trees with every Waitrose.com

Waitrose is the first UK grocer to link the planting of trees in the UK to the activity of its home delivery vehicles. Every Waitrose.com delivery helps plant new trees. This is being done in partnership with the UK's leading woodland conservation charity the Woodland Trust.

Founded in 1972, the Woodland Trust owns more than 1,000 woods across the UK which are open to the public and free to visit. The Trust has more than 400,000 members and supporters.


Why plant trees? 

Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge facing the world today – and carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the problem. Carbon dioxide (CO²) is produced principally from the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) and increased deforestation. Trees capture and store atmospheric carbon and also bring many other more immediate benefits:

  • Habitat for wildlife
  • Prevention of soil erosion
  • Purification of water
  • Reduction of flooding

Sean Bean explains the importance of planting trees.

Woods in summer

Sprinkle some magic on your winter adventures

Winter may be the season of bare trees and hibernating animals, but woods are still full of life and there are lots of adventures to be had – for adults and children! So grab your winter woollies, get a lungful of crisp, fresh air and start exploring your local wood with these ideas from the Woodland Trust.

Identify winter twigs

Once leaves have fallen to the ground, twigs and buds give the best clues to a tree’s identity in winter. Download the Woodland Trust’s printable twig ID sheet and use it to identify trees in your local wood, park or street.

Top tip: Look for fallen leaves and seeds under your feet too, as they can provide extra clues. If you find lots of the same type of leaf or seed surrounding a tree, there’s a good chance they came from that tree.

Hunt for animal tracks

Winter gives us lots of opportunities to discover animal tracks in mud, frost and snow. Keep your eyes peeled as you explore, can you find any paw, hoof or footprints on the forest floor? Follow them, where do they lead you? Download the Woodland Trust’s printable ID guide to see if you can tell which animal might have left them. 

Have a winter picnic

Picnics aren’t just for summer, they’re a brilliant way to keep the whole family warm on chilly outdoor adventures too. Pack your picnic basket with a thermos flask of hot chocolate, some warm food and extra blankets to keep you cosy whilst you’re out exploring the woods.
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Winter play booklet

To keep kids active, download the Woodland Trust’s winter play booklet created with Westonbirt Arboretum. It’s bursting with imaginative ideas for the woods. Explore on a winter scavenger hunt and see how many natural treasures you can collect, challenge your friends or family to a twig tower-building competition, or have a go at blindfold tree exploring!

All year round

Woods are fantastic places to explore all year round. For more inspiration visit the Woodland Trust’s nature detectives website for children and families, packed with ideas to inspire adventurous youngsters. Your family can also join the Woodland Trust to receive materials through the post. You'll get exciting things to do in the woods, as well as crafts, puzzles and recipes to try at home. By joining as members you will be helping us protect the UK's precious native woods and plant new trees for future generations.


The Woodland Trust aims

Our vision is a UK rich in woods and trees, enjoyed and valued by everyone. To achieve this and realise all the benefits woods and trees bring society, we aim to:

Create new woodland with schools, organisations and individuals and champion the need for a doubling of the UK’s native woodland cover by 2050.
Protect woodland, especially ancient woodland which is rare, unique and irreplaceable.
Restore damaged ancient woodland, bringing precious pieces of our natural history back to life.

Woods in Spring

Woodland Carbon 


Woodland Carbon removes carbon from the atmosphere through the creation of much needed native woodland across the country. It is a market-leading initiative that is designed to be both straightforward and flexible, and has won numerous awards.

The Woodland Trust is helping organisations just like Waitrose, that want to take positive action to limit the damaging impacts of their unavoidable carbon emissions. At the same time, companies will be supporting projects that improve biodiversity, enhance social wellbeing, help the landscape adapt to climate change and ensure that we will no longer be one of the least wooded countries in Europe.

Waitrose investment is enabling tree planting on Ministry of Defence land at the Warcop training area in Cumbria. So far the Waitrose partnership has helped to plant over 40 hectares of woodland and remove over 17,300 tonnes of C02. As well as removing carbon, the project also provides an important new habitat for conservation species such as the black grouse.