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Open Farm Sunday


Open Farm Sunday - 9th June 2013

As owners of our Leckford farm we know what it means to be a farmer and we're proud to support Open Farm Sunday.

Open Farm Sunday was first introduced in the UK in 2006 by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming). The first year was intended to be a pilot run of the project, but over 300 farms opened their gates to the public.

Since 2006 hundreds of farmers across the UK have been opening up their farms to the public. It's a fantastic opportunity for everyone, young and old, to discover farming, so for a fun-packed day, why not experience the sights and sounds of your local farm? 

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Working with our farmers

We build long-term relationships with our farmers and suppliers, which helps our customers get the best possible food and drink to help them to live more healthily - this is The Waitrose Way.

As a farm owner, we understand the challenges of maintaining high standards. However, we practise what we preach. Working with our farmers, growers and other suppliers, we ensure the best standards in quality, safety, environment and animal welfare are applied across our supply chain, supported by our own inspections and farm assurance schemes.

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