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Bonfire night

Have a spectacular bonfire night

Proper bangers

One of the best things about bonfire night is tucking into a delicious hotdog while writing your name with a sparkler - and the new range of Waitrose sausages make perfect 'dogs'. They're all made from free-range British pork. Why not try some of our favourites? The Smokey Dog, 59p/each, a Frankfurter-style sausage with garlic and paprika; The Rocket, 59p/each, with colourful green, red and yellow peppers; Catherine Wheel, £1.39/each (selected stores) flavoured with sage, nutmeg and thyme; Toffee Apple, 59p/each, made from pork from Berkshire boars and seasoned with mace and nutmeg.

Watch our autumnal food recipes

Hearty and warming, now is the perfect time for some autumnal comfort food. Try our sausage casserole for the ultimate supper, or an easy one-pot wonder that's great for entertaining during the colder, darker months. Watch more at Waitrose TV.