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Waitrose Community Matters

By placing a token in the Community Matters box at your local branch you’re helping your community. Since its launch in 2008, the scheme has donated £14 million to local charities chosen by you.

At the end of your shop in branch, you’ll receive a token to place in a box of the good cause you’d most like to support. The more tokens a cause gets, the bigger the donation they receive. Each month every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 (£500 in Convenience shops) between 3 local good causes that you choose.


Online, also shares a donation of £25,000 between 3 national causes. After checkout, you will be asked to vote for one of the national causes we are supporting. Each cause will receive a share according to the number of votes - just as we do in our branches.

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Our short video explains how you have the power to make a difference, and the easiest way to get involved.

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National causes we are currently supporting on




Royal Voluntary Service

Royal Voluntary Service





‘At Place2Be, children often use creative work to explore how they are feeling. Through drawing, painting and play they can work through their feelings and help address their worries and concerns.’

‘Joshua, a Year 7 pupil, was constantly bursting into tears at school.  He lived in a small village and found the transition from his tiny primary school to the larger secondary school traumatic.  He was referred to the Place2Be counsellor and in one session said ‘I can be who I want to be here and you accept me for who I am’.  He has grown in confidence in lessons, at school and at home and become more resilient and is outwardly much happier.  Joshua said ‘I want to work for Place2Be when I am older as I want to help children like you have helped me’.’

The money raised will go directly towards helping children like Joshua receive the support they need to develop and grow up with prospects not problems.

Royal Voluntary Service 

Royal Voluntary Service

A friend indeed – Eira’s story

“I learnt about the Royal Voluntary Service befriending scheme through my local church; after having my fall I felt more isolated than ever and just wanted to see if there was any help out there for me. I already pay a lady to help with shopping and cleaning but really felt I needed something more, something personal to me. Someone I could perhaps chat to even if it was a regular phone call but ideally I would have loved a visitor occasionally. Since I lost my husband I do get lonely and miss that company. Having contacted Royal Voluntary Service, I was lucky to get Sue as we get on really well. As well as visits I feel I can call her for a chat if I have any concerns. It does feel good knowing that Sue is coming over to see me, to chat to me. Sue takes me to a local group and we have had lunches out and spent time together. Sue has even started supporting me with visits to the hairdressers which is lovely. It really is wonderful having someone around who cares about me.”

When friends and family live too far away to make regular contact, the Royal Voluntary Service can provide a little bit of company and friendly social contact at home through our face-to-face or telephone befriending services.  This regular contact provides a vital link into the community to those who can be socially isolated because of restricted mobility or because they can’t access public transport and helps to reduce feelings of loneliness and increases motivation and confidence.

Donations from Waitrose Community Matters will help Royal Voluntary Service to provide more befriending services to older people across Britain.



“Members of the community learning traditional willow weaving skills with Greeniversity”

Greeniversity is a green skill share initiative that brings people together to teach and learn endangered skills, creating stronger and more sustainable communities for the future.

In the UK we are currently consuming three times the resources that our planet can provide. Free Greeniversity classes teach life-enriching skills such as mending clothes, bee-keeping, bike maintenance and cooking from scratch.

Greeniversity touches many people’s lives and brings communities closer together. Barbara always had a fear of speaking in public, so she joined Greeniversity and started teaching knitting classes to help overcome her fear.

“I never considered myself to be very clever and I wasn’t very confident but now, when I show the young people how to knit, it makes me feel that I’m a worthwhile person.”

Jo was made redundant due to ill health and disability. Since attending different classes Jo has widened her circle of friends, learnt new skills and increased in confidence. "I like the sort of classes that Greeniversity runs,” explains Jo. “The fact that the classes are free is great.”

Stuart has used Greeniversity to help overcome his under confidence and depression. “Learning has made a massive difference to my life. I have four children and two of them have learning difficulties. Attending classes offers an opportunity for me to take time out from rushing around. Learning about the environment is not just a subject but a movement that many people can become involved in.”

Greeniversity is different from other environmental initiatives because, rather than tell people what they should stop doing, it gives them something positive to do that helps the environment.

Greeniversity currently has 100 community groups across the UK, but we know we’re only reaching a fraction of the population. Your support will help us create 250 thriving community groups by 2016.

Community Matters results

To see the results and amounts that we have donated to previous charities click here

Contact us

If you are a UK-registered national charity and would like to be considered for our Community Matters Online initiative then please post your applications on headed paper for consideration to:

Waitrose Community Matters Team
Waitrose Limited
Doncastle Road
RG12 8YA

Please give a brief outline of the work your charity does along with details of any current projects that you are seeking funding for. This should be no more than one side of A4. The Community Matters Team will then only contact you if your application is successful or if they require further details.