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Waitrose Community Matters

By placing a token in the Community Matters box at your local branch you’re helping your community. Since its launch in 2008, the scheme has donated £14 million to local charities chosen by you.

At the end of your shop in branch, you’ll receive a token to place in a box of the good cause you’d most like to support. The more tokens a cause gets, the bigger the donation they receive. Each month every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 (£500 in Convenience shops) between 3 local good causes that you choose.


Online, also shares a donation of £25,000 between 3 national causes. After checkout, you will be asked to vote for one of the national causes we are supporting. Each cause will receive a share according to the number of votes - just as we do in our branches.

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Our short video explains how you have the power to make a difference, and the easiest way to get involved.

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National causes we are currently supporting on


Keep Britain Tidy

Keep Britain Tidy

Missing People

Missing People

Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Alliance

Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Alliance

Keep Britain Tidy


Keep Britain Tidy

Where we live matters. Clean streets, parks, countryside and beaches are the backbone of strong communities.

Keep Britain Tidy is an independent charity that has been campaigning for 60 years for our right to cleaner, greener spaces. We make a real difference in our Green Flag award-winning parks; on Blue Flag and Seaside Award beaches; in thousands of Eco-Schools, where we support the education of the next generation, and in tackling waste and supporting reuse and recycling.

Litter is a problem that costs £1billion a year to clean up and that £1billion could pay for more than 33,000 nurses, 4,400 libraries or almost 32,000 firefighters. As part of our Jubilee celebrations in 2014 we will be joining forces with the Wombles during October in the biggest ever clean-up. The Jubilee Big Tidy Up will see thousands of people across the country coming together to organise clean-ups of their local communities.

Since 2008 our Big Tidy Up campaign has helped more than 25,000 groups to collect over 120,000 bags of rubbish. We make organising a community tidy up easy, thanks to our free Tidy Up Kits complete with tabards, bags, stickers, posters and guide included. You can register for the Jubilee Big  Tidy Up at To find out more information about Keep Britain Tidy  check out our website at

Funding from Community Matters will enable Keep Britain Tidy to fund more education in schools and communities; it will help us make sure that our green spaces and beaches are a great place to visit;  it will enable us to campaign on litter and waste and will help us make our beautiful country litter free with funding for more Big Tidy Ups.

Missing People

Missing People

When 15-year-old Lilly went missing her mum, Lucy, was desperate with worry. It was out of character for Lilly to leave home and not tell anyone where she was going. The police were also concerned and asked Missing People to help out in every way they could.

Missing People immediately launched a publicity campaign through our network of media partners, which can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people within days, to help find Lilly. Her appeal was featured on missing posters, in local press and shared with our thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers. We also arranged for Lilly’s appeal to be featured on digital billboards around the city where she had gone missing.

Missing People also stayed in touch with Lucy regularly to make sure she had the support she needed to get through an incredibly difficult and distressing time. Lucy was reassured by our highly trained and caring helpline team who were on hand 24 hours a day, every day, to answer any questions she had and to talk through her worries.

Fortunately, it was only a matter of days before someone recognised Lilly from our appeals and they called us to let us know they had seen her.  We got in touch with the police and, a few hours later, they found Lilly safe and well and helped her return home to her mum.

Every five minutes a child, like Lilly, goes missing in the UK. Your support helps ensure that our vital helpline 116 000 is there for their families, helping bring more than a thousand missing people home to their families every year, while giving ongoing emotional and practical support those whose continue to search for their missing loved one.

(Some details have been changed to protect Lilly’s identity. Image posed by model)

Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Alliance

Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Alliance

 ‘How we intend to use the funds’

The NCCA UK is dedicated to improving treatment options in the UK for neuroblastoma.  Currently, through community fundraising, the charity has assisted in raising funds to send individual children abroad should they require treatment.  In this way we have raised £5 million in the last 5 years, providing many children with their best chance of survival.  If we were to raise just half that amount, and spend it on research in the UK, we could see more and better treatments available in Britain.

Funding research into new treatments also means that less harmful, non-toxic therapies can be developed.  We need these funds to ensure that the next generation of neuroblastoma sufferers can receive better treatment at home, for free.

As this September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we want to seize the moment and get as close to our goal as possible.  Please help us to make safer, better treatment in the UK a reality and give hope to the 100 children in the UK each year diagnosed with neuroblastoma. 

Community Matters results

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Contact us

If you are a UK-registered national charity and would like to be considered for our Community Matters Online initiative then please post your applications on headed paper for consideration to:

Waitrose Community Matters Team
Waitrose Limited
Doncastle Road
RG12 8YA

Please give a brief outline of the work your charity does along with details of any current projects that you are seeking funding for. This should be no more than one side of A4. The Community Matters Team will then only contact you if your application is successful or if they require further details.