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Local good causes planning a festive event for disadvantaged people can get extra help this Christmas with a donation from Waitrose. 

We’re calling on charities and other not-for-profit community organisations to contact their local Waitrose store over the coming weeks to apply for funding towards their Christmas lunch or event.

Application forms are available in Waitrose stores and the deadline is November 15th. 

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Bringing people together

All Waitrose stores are taking part in the campaign, called ‘Tackling Isolation,’ which aims to raise public awareness and funds towards community projects helping disadvantaged people overcome issues around loneliness. We’ve also been donating food to local food banks as part of a broader Community Matters initiative.

Tina Varns, Waitrose Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing manager, said: “For many people, Christmas is best enjoyed with family and friends - but being alone or hungry at Christmas can be the reality for disadvantaged people."

“Working with local good causes and Waitrose volunteers, we’re hoping our Christmas lunch initiative will bring together hundreds of people all over the country” - Tina Varns, Waitrose Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing manager

A festive collaboration

The donations can be used for any of your event costs, whether you’re preparing a ‘turkey and trimmings’ lunch with crackers and candles, an afternoon buffet or tea with entertainment or a choice of drinks, desserts and goodie bags. 

Tina added: “We’re keen to hear from charities and other good causes working in the community as soon as possible to help us allocate our donations and our volunteers.”