Win a large handcrafted Sussex garden trug


Once they were so integral to British agricultural that the artisans behind the humble garden trug were spared conscription. Today just a handful of trug makers remain, including the Cuckmere Trug Company who invented the original Sussex trug nearly 200 years ago.

Every trug made at Cuckmere is a thing of beauty and practicality: lightweight but strong, aesthetically charming but ergonomically designed. They easily accompany horticulturalists in all of their gardening chores – from cutting to pruning, fruit picking and weeding. Plus, they are faithful: a well-looked-after handcrafted British trug will last at least 10 years.

It is a beautifully ordered process: sweet chestnut wood is cleaved, dried, then steambent around ‘formers’ to make the handles and rims; willow is cut and fitted, board by board, into the frame, then nailed in place with copper pins. The whole trug is created using tools that trug-makers of the past could easily identify.

Here’s your chance to win one of three large handcrafted Sussex contemporary trugs, worth £69.99 each.

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