In an illustrious career spanning 18 years, Charlotte Edwards has won 5 Ashes series, the World Cup and the World Twenty20, and has recently become only the second woman to be named as one of Wisden's Five Cricketers of the Year.

We catch-up with the talented star as she talks about her eating habits as a professional cricketer, her childhood memories of food and her love of ketchup.  

As a professional cricketer, is your diet very limited?

We are restricted in what we can eat, but I enjoy eating healthily so it’s not a problem. We eat lots of salads, fruit and vegetables, especially while we’re training. It’s much easier to eat healthily at home compared to when we’re travelling.

What do you eat before a cricket match?

It’s quite difficult to eat before a match because you’ve got to keep going for a long time. Pre-match nerves kick in, so we often don’t have much of an appetite – although we do try to have a big breakfast. Beans on toast with mushrooms and tomatoes, or fruit and yogurt are good ways to start.


We catch-up with the England star at South Melbourne Market as she gets treated to her favourite dish, Beef Pad Thai, courtesy of Ben O’Donoghue.

You’re on the pitch all day when you’re playing a match – how do you keep your energy levels up?

When I’m batting all day, I’ll just have a cola or maybe a bread roll with butter between innings to boost my sugar levels.

How do you celebrate after a big win?

We always go for a nice meal. It’s important to eat soon after a game for your recovery strategy, so we have lots of pasta and protein.

What was your best dining experience abroad?

There’s a really lovely seafood restaurant I always go to in Sydney called Nick’s. We went there after winning the Ashes in January. The food and the views are incredible.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

Kangaroo. It was a lot nicer than I thought it would be and tasted a bit like beef. I ate it with some mashed potato.

What are your childhood memories of food?

When I was about 7 or 8, I won a prize for my scones at my local fête – that’s my only culinary claim to fame.

Who taught you to cook?

My mum is a very good cook, so when I was growing up I didn’t have that much opportunity in the kitchen – not that I was complaining. I’ve learned everything I know  from her since, though, and she’s always on the end of the phone if I get stuck.

Are you a good cook?

I’m OK. I spend a lot of time away from home, so it’s not always possible for me to cook. I tend to chuck it all in and see what becomes of it. It seems to work; I don’t get too many negative comments about my food.

What’s your desert-island food?

I’m renowned for my love of tomato ketchup. I have it with everything, even curry; I get so much stick for it.

What’s your ultimate comfort food?

I grew up on a potato farm, so it’d have to be jacket potatoes with cheese and beans. I also really miss shepherd’s pie when I’m away.

What’s the one dish you'd like to master?

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with all the trimmings. Getting the timing right is a real art; my mum makes it look so easy, but I find it hard.

Starter or dessert?

Dessert. Nothing beats my mum’s apple crumble served with ice cream.

How do you take your tea?

Milk and one sugar.