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How the prince’s countryside fund can help

Case study 1

Lyndsay Walker, 21, is just one of many who benefit from Barnardo's Works Cairngorms, in Scotland, which has received a PCF grant for its work.

She says: 'I had been looking for a job for ages, but living in the middle of nowhere with no driving licence – and local transport being nonexistent – I was getting nowhere.

'Then my luck changed. I heard about Barnardo’s Works Cairngorms and I applied for one of their jobs. Within a couple of weeks I had one. I now work at World Horse Welfare as a trainee groom, and I’m so happy.

'Barnardo’s took me on a residential course, too, and I am also getting help with my driving lessons. This is the just the start of my new working life.'


Case study 2

Pub Is The Hub, which brings services such as the Post Office or village shop back to the community by using the pub, has been expanding thanks to a PCF grant.

Its support helped save the Pengwern Arms (right), Llan Ffestiniog, in Wales – a 200-year-old inn that stands in the centre of the village. The last of four pubs in the village, it closed its doors in January 2009. But the community stepped in, forming a cooperative and raising £18,500 to purchase the pub back for the village.

John Longden, Pub Is The Hub campaign adviser, says: ‘The rural pub is essential to the community and by supporting it with shared services they will support you.

'While it may be hard work serving both pints of milk and beer, as well as postal services, in its way it increases turnover and creates part-time jobs in the area as well as assisting local suppliers and ensuring that the community retains its heart.'