Love life 4 week diet plan

The LOVE life diet plan isn’t about feeling deprived, but starting something new. Rather than a hard-to-follow diet, it offers a fresh take on food that’s colourful, nourishing and packed with vibrant flavours. 

The healthy eating plan is based around 4 weeks of calorie-counted breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas, which help you to eat around 500 fewer calories than you normally would. It works on the simple but proven principle of healthy weight loss: Eat a bit less and move a bit more.

We’ve done the hard work and created a selection of tasty and nutritious meal and recipe ideas to help put you back in control.

How the plan works...

Breakfast + lunch + dinner + snack = 1,500kcals.

* All our breakfasts are 300 kcals or under * All our lunches are 450 kcals or under *All our dinners are 500 kcals or under *All our snacks and desserts are 250 kcals or under

Mix and match our diet plan recipes with our meal suggestions over the four weeks to help you lose weight the healthy way.