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Love life 4 week diet plan - Week 2


Simply choose from the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options below, up to a maximum of 1,500 kcals per day. Each meal suggestion has the calories per serving clearly highlighted, allowing you to count as you go.



Day 1
1 essential Waitrose white muffin, toasted + essential Waitrose olive spread + 30g Waitrose LOVE life dried apricots =258 calories 

Day 2
½ Papaya, chopped + ½ Mango, chopped + 25g Waitrose LOVE life swiss style berry muesli + 125g essential Waitrose fat free natural yogurt =293 calories  

Day 3
25g essential Waitrose porridge oats + 175ml Semi-skimmed milk + 100g fresh Raspberries + 150ml glass of Waitrose tangy & refreshing orange juice =274 calories  

Day 4
125g essential Waitrose fat free natural yogurt + 25g Waitrose LOVE life cashew nuts + drizzle of essential Waitrose squeezy honey =257 calories

Day 5 
2 slices of LOVE life stoneground wholemeal medium sliced bread, toasted + essential Waitrose olive spread + top with a medium poached egg=245 calories

Day 6 
Waitrose LOVE life you count fruit & fibre cereal bar + 250mls LOVE life strawberry & banana smoothie =207 calories 

Day 7
30g portion of Waitrose LOVE life you count toasted rice & wheat flakes + 125ml Semi-skimmed milk + 200ml glass of Waitrose LOVE life peach & raspberry smoothie =281 calories 


Day 1 Waitrose LOVE life you count spiced king prawn & noodle salad + apple =227 calories 

Day 2 Half a pot of 600g Waitrose butternut squash & tarragon soup + Waitrose LOVE life white oaten roll =312 calories 

Day 3 LOVE life you count singapore noodles =396 calories   

Day 4 LOVE Life you count tuna & cucumber sandwich + LOVE life you count strawberry yogurt =406 calories 

Day 5 Half a pot of 600g LOVE life Mediterranean vegetable soup + Waitrose LOVE life white oaten roll + LOVE life Carrot and reduced fat houmous =416 calories

Day 6 Leek and potato soup recipe =189 calories

Day 7 Warm Sweet Potato Salad = 1 roasted sweet potato + mixed with fresh spinach + 25g pine nuts + thinly sliced red onion and goats cheese =350 calories


Banana date loaf recipe =189 calories 

½ 50g pack of LOVE life nuts, fruit & seeds =131 calories 

LOVE life you count Peach and nectarine yogurt =83 calories 

1 x 25g bag of Sea salt & cracked black pepper stick =97 calories  


LOVE life you count green Thai chicken curry & pepper rice =360 calories 

View recipe

LOVE life you count beef stroganoff with white and wild rice =418 calories 

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Waitrose LOVE life you count chicken tikka masala with pilau rice =445 calories

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