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Love life 4 week diet plan - week 4

Simply choose from the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options below, up to a maximum of 1,500 kcals per day. Each meal suggestion has the calories per serving clearly highlighted, allowing you to count as you go.


Day 1
Waitrose LOVE Life You Count Reduced Fat French Butter Croissant + essential Waitrose sunflower spread + a handful grapes =272 calories

Day 2 
Waitrose LOVE Life You Count plain bagel, toasted + a banana =275 calories

Day 3 
Waitrose LOVE Life You Count vanilla yogurt + 1 tbsp fruit and nut muesli =203 calories

Day 4 
50g LOVE life cranberry and blueberry muesli + 125ml 1% milk =198 calories

Day 5 
30g LOVE life you count Special Choice cereal + 125ml 1% fat milk =163 calories

Day 6 
45g LOVE life bircher muesli + 125ml sem-skimmed milk + stir through 1 grated apple + a 125ml glass apple juice =280 calories

Day 7 
Omelette made with 2 eggs and 2 sliced mushrooms =256 calories


Day 1 LOVE life you count spiced chicken & mango flatbread + an apple =345 calories

Day2 LOVE life Spicy beef pho recipe =360 calories 

Day 3 LOVE Life chunky chicken and vegetable soup + LOVE life wholemeal seeded roll =381 calories

Day 4 Smoked ham and egg salad recipe =344 calories 

Day 5 LOVE life you count harissa chicken & tabbouleh salad + LOVE life you count raspberry yogurt =344 calories

Day 6 LOVE Life you count egg mayo salad sandwich =337 calories 

Day 7 LOVE Life you count roasted vegetables sun blush tomatoes & coucous =320 calories 


Slice of LOVE Life stoneground wholemeal bread + a tablespoon of essential Waitrose lighter soft cheese =86 calories

LOVE life carrot & reduced fat houmous =133 calories 


LOVE life you count smoked haddock florentine =241 calories

Love life you count vegetable lasagne =306 calories

LOVE Life you count Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice =430 calories 

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