Daily guidelines

What does the guideline daily amount tell me?

Guideline daily amounts (GDA) provide a guide to the amount of calories, fat, saturates, salt and sugar that make up a healthy diet. The aim is to make it easier for adult men and women to choose the appropriate balance of foods.

The amount you need each day will depend on your age, gender and how physically active you are. If you are overweight, this suggests you are eating more than you need and you should consider reducing your calorie and fat intake as well as becoming more physically active.

Guideline daily amounts for average adults:

Each day Women Men
Calories 2000 2500
Fat 70g 95g
Saturates 20g 30g
Salt 6g 6g
Sugars 90g 120g

The guideline daily amount panel is included on our products. This information is for adults and sets a guide as to the amount of calories, fat, saturates, salt and sugars that an adult may consume in a day.

It is important to remember that we all have different lifestyles and therefore different nutritional requirements. For instance, someone who is physically active may require a greater intake of calories and other nutrients whereas someone who is less active, or trying to lose weight, will require less calories and other nutrients.

Find out how to use our back of pack nutrition labelling to help you make healthier choices here

How can Waitrose help?

Waitrose offers healthier alternatives to your favourites that are either lower in fat, saturated fat, sugar or calories. Look out for the distinctive black and white band on the front of pack. For more information on balanced diets, visit Balancing your diet.

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