Christmas cocktails

Just the right mix...

Take four mixologists, give them each a base spirit and a Christmas theme - the end result? Fantastic party drinks...

Winter warmer punch cocktail

Festive spin on gin

by Simone Caporale, bartender, Artesian Bar

Simplicity is the key to good cocktails, reckons Simone. 'Keep your cocktails to three of four ingredients, maximum,' he says. 'At Christmas, you get more time with your family, so this is when I experiment. I like to mix with spices and wine, which is really traditional. The key is to play with seasonal produce, play with the senses and work with flavours you enjoy'.

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Getting fruity with vodka

by Monica Berg, bar manager, Pollen Street Social

Hailing from a part of Norway famed as the home of Santa Claus, Monica loves Yuletide cheer. 'People always seem to be so happy at Christmas,' she says. 'and in England, you have this tradition with the jumpers - we see a lot of crazy creations at this time of year.'

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Night before Christmas cocktail
The wiseman cocktail

A right rum affair

by Sam Metcalf, Waitrose Cookery School

When it comes to being a host, Sam has one tip. 'Get your drinks ready in advance, that way you can enjoy your guests' company. 'This is a great punch, brilliantly fresh, and the blood orange gives it a lovely colour. It's very Christmassy, especially with the sage and thyme - perfect for serving with pigs in blankets.'

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Sparkling ideas for whiskey

by Clotilde Lataille, bartender, Hawksmoor Spitalfields

As delicious as Clotilde's drinks are, it doesn't mean that they shouldn't look good, insists the French bartender. 'It needs to be very pretty,' she says. 'For my family Christmas, I like to design the menu, set the table, do everything to make people happy. The first taste is visual, then comes smell, so it's important to make something look nice'

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By the fireplace cocktail
Honeyed glühwein

Honeyed glühwein

Even if you don't get a chance to visit the famed Christmas markets of Germany, this glühwein (meaning 'glow-wine') will at least take you there in the metaphorical sense with its Yuletide flavours.

'With cinnamon, orange, cloves and a full-bodied red - you'll know it's Christmas when you have a glühwein'

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Watch Sam Metcalf make a delicious gingerbread cocktail, perfect for the festive period.