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Harvest November

These two rooty cousins have much in
common. Both have a natural sweetness
that's enhanced by a splash of honey or a sweet
buttery glaze. Both love a hint of warming spice:
parsnip and ginger, carrot and cumin. They make
brilliant soups and comforting purées, and can be used
in cakes, smothered in a blanket of sugar and spice.

Medjool dates

Large, sweet and yielding, medjools are widely acknowledged to be the best dates there are. What sets them apart is their size and their rich, honey-caramel flesh, which is particularly soft. They make a luxurious snack when eaten just as they are or stuffed with the contrasting coolness of soft
goats’ cheese. 


More than nine out of ten cranberries are juiced, dried or turned into sauce. But at this time of year, when the fresh berries hit the shelves, it’s worth using them as you might other fruit – in tarts and puddings, or studded through muffins and cakes. The naturally tart berries at first seem hard and unforgiving, but a bit of sugar will bring out their flavour.

Jerusalem artichokes

When it comes to cooking, Jerusalem artichokes have more in common with potatoes. They make a fine winter soup as well as a richly flavoured mash – a fitting sidekick to everything from steak to scallops – while roasting
and sautéing both bring out
their sweetness. 

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