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A mozerella starter, vegatarian

It's a starter focusing on mozerella, rocket and parma ham. The recipie is veyr quick and easy to make but very yummy and with the right presentation looks very impressive! It can be made veggie or not, your choice!

  • Total time: 10-15 minutes

Serves: 4


  • 8 mozerella balls.
    A handful of rocket
    lemon juice
    3 slices of bread
    2 medium eggs
    4 strips of parma ham(don't add these for vegatarians)


  1. Mix all of the eggs in a bowl, with a fork or eggbeater put all of the bread into an electric mixer or blender until you have finely blended bread crumbs put this into a seperate bowl.
  2. Put some lemon juice in a pan at a medium heat. Get a mozerella ball and soak it in the egg mixture. Then place in the breadcumb bowl to cover in breadcrumbs.* The ball then goes in the pan. They stay in the pan for 2-4 minutes or until brownish all over. You will have to move them about to make sure they are fully covered. *Cover the ball fully in the egg and breadcumbs and dont's worry about running out when you get to the end because if you do just fill the bowls more!
  3. On a plate lay out the strip of parma ham, then squeze very very little lemon juice onto it* then lay a bed of rocket thinley on top but covering the ham. Add two mozerella balls on top of the parma ham. Repeat this three more times on seperate plates ready to plate up! *Start at the askerisk for the vegatarian option
  4. The mozerella balls are best served cooled down. Add two mozerella balls on top of the parma ham. Serve this with a fruity sparkling wine which goes brilliantly!

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