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baileys coffee cake

a very pleasant light brown sponge with a taste of baileys cream spirit.other flavours of this drink can be used

  • Total time: no more than 1.30 hrs

Serves: 6


  • miniture coffee baileys or equivealant measure
    8oz soft brown sugar (light)
    8oz butter or quality marg
    8 oz self raising flour
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    4 medium eggs
    8" square or round tin lined with greaseproof paper


  1. set oven to 175' .cream together the sugar and butter/marg intill light and fluffy. crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk untill whites and yolk are combuned to make a pale yellow mixer. add baking powder to flour and mix together once the sugar and fats are creamed add the whisked/beaten eggs then stir in the flour/baking powder mix then add the baileys spirit stirring untill throughly mixed (you may add a few drops of vinila essence to enhance the flavour. pour mixture into the lined tin making a small indentation in centre to allow for even baking. place in oven on centre shelf and cook for 1 hour checking now and then to see if cooked after 3/4s hr as some ovens will cook mix faster than others.
  2. when cooked this can be tested during baking by placing a knife or thin metal object into centre of cake. if knife or obect is retrived and there is no sticky residue on it the cake is cooked. take out of oven and leave to cool for a short time. then take cake out of tin and place on wire rack to complete cooling process taking of the greaseproof paper from cake. there you go a light tasty sponge which you can then decorate to your own design or simply dish it up with some nice hot custard.

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