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Breakfast Sausage Patty

This recipe was created when we took the skins off sausages and made them into patties! This simple recipe will want you eager for your breakfast!
  • Total time: 15-20 minutes

Serves: 4


Thick Pork Cumberland Sausages (Your choice of which make. Pack of 4 advised)
Breadcrumbs (500g)
1 Medium Egg
Hovis Bread Muffins (4 pack)
Olive Oil (2 tsp)
1 Mixing Bowl
A Wooden Spoon
1 Mug
A fork
A Whisk
1 Bowl
1 Plate
Frying Pan (2 if necessary)


Wash your hands of course and make sure all of your equiptment is clean!
Take your sausages and take the skins off each one and put them into the mixing bowl.
Next mash up the sausages with your fork until you have a big amount of sausage meat in the bottom of your bowl.
Then crack the egg into your mug and whisk until frothy. Then carefully pour the egg onto your sausage meat and fold in with your spoon. Also using your spoon shape the meat into a ball in your bowl.
After step 3 pour the breadcrumbs into the bowl. Then shape the sausage meat into 8 equally sized balls. Flatten the meat into a flat circle using the palms of your hands. Don't make them too thin. Cup hand to round edges. Repeat for all sausage balls.
Next you lay the patty in the breadcrumbs. Repeat for the other side. When the patty is in the breadcrumbs scoop some of them so they coat the edges of the patty. Repeat for all sausage patties.
Put the 2 tsps of oil into the pan and turn on the gas. Spread the oil on the base of the pan so it coats everything.
Then carefully place 2 patties at a time in the frying pan(s) and keep turning them every minute or so so they don't burn.
While the patties are cooking you can either toast or take out your bread muffins and butter them or leave them plain. To be honest, buttered is better!
When the breadcrumbs either side of the patty have turned golden, it's time to take them out! Place them in your muffins and add a dollop of tomato sauce or brown sauce!
Bon Appetit mes copains! If you have any queries then comment on this recipe and I will tweak the instructions! Hope you enjoy them!

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