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Cleaning Chip Pans

Not a Cooking Recipe,but a tip on cleaning ! One thing cookbooks don't cover is how to clean some utensils,like sieves.

  • Total time: 5 mins.

Serves: 6


  • One Old Coffee Cafetiere / French Plunger .
    Cold Sunflower Oil
    Large Bowl or the chip pan.


  1. If you deep fry alot,then the problem is how to keep the oil clean / re use it. The normal method is to pour the cold oil thru a large sieve,but you need to leave it to slowly drip throught and then you are stuck with trying to clean the oil bits off your expensive sieve and the now clean oil is in a bowl,that has to be carefully poured back into the pan.
  2. So if you use an old cafetiere,you can simply pour all the oil ( or half at a time )into the jug and press the plunger down,then pour off the clean oil. You are only left with a small amount of waste oil,which can be put on the compost ? Need i add you clean the chip pan before putting the oil back in.and you don't use the cafetiere for coffee.

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