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Frozen Grape Delight!

On a cold evening when the family's round, you need something fun to eat while playing games or doing whatever you're doing! This is the perfect fun food that everyone can enjoy!
  • Total time: 2-3 hours (For grapes to freeze!)

Serves: 6


  1. A bag of red or green seedless grapes (Mustcat grapes= Best)
  2. A bottle of Grappa (Make sure it has been made cold)
  3. A good quality Chocolate Bar
  1. A few glasses
  2. A table or wooden board to put it on
  3. A freezer!


Take a good size bunch of grapes and separate it from the stalk it was on. Put this bunch of grapes into the freezer and leave for 2-3 hours. You can taste and check every hour or so to make sure they're good enough for you!
Break off chunks of the chocolate and put it on your serving platter/board. When finished doing that pour some Grappa into a few glasses and put onto the platter/board.
Take the grapes out of the freezer and put onto your platter/board. Serve! A good way to enjoy this delight is to put the grape in, then a small chunk of chocolate then a sip of Grappa. Enjoy!

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