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fruit and lettuce salad

delicious healthy fresh salad that can accompany meat, fish, pizza, or be eaten on its own...

My recipe is:

  • Plenty of fruit or veg
  • Plenty of fruit or veg

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It is simple, and different... salad with a difference with vibrant colours especially for winter when salads are somewhat rarer. Nutty and crisp.I have been eating this as my favourite for years. One professional chef on TV said you can have fruit with lettuce - this will prove him wrong.

  • Total time: 10 mins. prep + none cooking

Serves: 3


  • One bag of Waitrose Lambs Lettuce
    6 strawberries
    1 tablespoon Waitrose Walnut oil,
    half a tablespoon Waitrose Red or White Wine vinegar


  1. Wash lettuce and strawberries. Hull and quarter strawberries. Mix oil and vinegar together in small bowl. Place lettuce and strawberries in bowl and toss.... pour over vinigrette and toss again and serve.

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