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Seriously Chocolatey Luscious Chocolate & Pear Torte

Poached pear halves, layered between chocolate mousse, set over a ginger-nut & chocolate biscuit crumb base (for summer lunches) or over a chocolate sponge base laced with Marsala (for impressive dinner parties), topped decoratively with cream swirls and shaved plain chocolate.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

The crumb base version is light and fruity with the right amount of chocolate indulgence that is perfect for a lunch al fresco or a picnic, whilst the Marsala soaked sponge version perfectly finishes off any foodie dinner party. I first tried this in a little square in Pollenca, Majorca. We returned every day to eat this dessert! Then we came home and I did my best to recreate without any recipe, ultimately enhancing it further with the sponge and marsala base. All my guests love it !!


  • Sorry but I don't ever weigh anything!

    Crumb base: large handful of ginger nut biscuits & 2 digestive biscuits crushed and mixed with melted butter, tsp of cocoa powder, tsp of caster sugar.

    (or fatless light chocolate sponge base made from eggs creamed using a hand blender with sugar and fold in self-raising flour) and few tsp of marsala.)

    Chocolate mousse mixture as per method below.

    Whipped cream to decorate & chocolate swirls

    Drained pear halves.


  1. - Make the chocolate mousse from egg yolks beaten with caster sugar, blended with gelatine and melted plain chocolate, and folded into beaten egg whites. - Make the crumb base: crush the biscuits and mix with cocoa powder, & caster sugar and melted butter and press into spring form round tin. - Layer half of chocolate mousse over the crumb base, and line with pear halves, top with remaining mousse. - Decorate with cream swirls and chocolate curls. - Slice midway through pears to serve.

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