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Seriously Fruity Cardamon Caramel Mango

A tasty, luscious, and fairly healthy dessert. This dessert is lighter than many, but full of flavour - excellent to follow a delicious, rich main course without feeling cheated out of a proper pudding!

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

When I'm choosing a lovely meal, there is always that horrid decision whether to have a starter and main, or only a main because I REALLY want to make it to pudding with some space for something just as special. This dessert is light and fruity, with the cleansing taste of cardamon and a crispy biscuit, to give you the taste and feel of a luscious pudding which you can fit in after a starter and a main. You can, of course, naughty it up by adding clotted cream!


  • For Fruit Part:-
    2 Ripe Mangos,
    Seeds from about 8 Green Cardamon Pods (to taste),
    250g Sugar,
    120ml cold water,
    150ml hot water.
    For biscuit:-
    150g Plain Flour,
    150g Hard Margarine or Butter,
    75g Granulated Sugar,
    5ml Vanilla Essence.


  1. Grind cardamon seeds until fairly fine. Put cold water and sugar into a heavy based pan. Warm stirring until dissolved then boil until a rich golden caramel is formed. Carefully add hot water off heat, stirring and warming if needed to dissolve the caramel. Stir in cardamon and pour over diced mango. Cover and leave out of the fridge until cool to let the flavours blend. Cream margarine with sugar and vanilla. Work in flour. Chill. Bake golf ball sized pieces at 160°C, approx 10-15 min.

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