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Simply Chicken Paella

My basic chicken (non-seafood) paella

  • Total time: 30-40 mins

Serves: 2


  • 2 chciken fillets (sliced)
    1/2 lemon (cut into 4)
    1 x clove garlic
    1 x spanish onion
    2-3 tomatoes
    bayleaf or 2
    good pinch of saffron
    1/2 glass of white wine
    1/2 litre of chicken stock (oxo if nec.)
    small amount of red pepper
    3 x mushrooms
    handful of peas
    salt and pepper to season
    150 grams of paella rice


  1. in a large frying pan Fry chicken and lemon in olive oil and remove from pan
  2. add garlic, onion, tomatoes and fry for a few mins, then add bay leaves, saffron, rice and wine. Simmer for another minute
  3. returnh the chciken and lemon to the pan and add some of th stock to cover the mix. partially cover and simmer keep adding the stock as it becomes absored in the mix.
  4. It shouold be cooked and all stock used up after about 12-15 mins. Serve with garlic bread and a sprig of parsley

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