Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose - Dexter's Diary Week 11

The show's resident doggy reports from behind the scenes 


I arrived at Saturday’s show a little earlier than usual to see rehearsals. The studio was very very quiet as everyone watched transfixed. What was so fascinating, I wondered (slightly disgruntled that I wasn’t getting the level of attention I have become accustomed to). It was the hypnotic sight of legendary chef Michel Roux Sr making a cherry crumble. The crew went ‘oooh’ and ‘mmmm’ and then, as the camera settled on the finished pudding, a caption flashed up on the monitor: ‘Bring that up here now!!’ It was a message from the director in the gallery. ‘Michel has charmed everyone,’ said the show’s executive producer Susan Maxwell.  


Monsieur Roux (pictured above with the lovely Lisa) also cooked a savoury gateau using a fish called ray – I kid you not. I found the concept a little far out and thought that it wouldn’t be out of place on Channel 4’s mind-bending drama Utopia. Two of its stars joined us on Saturday, but I suspect fish gateau will not be a dish actress Alexandra Roach will be making at home any time soon. ‘I am not very good at cooking,’ she said. ‘I’m working my way through Jamie’s Ministry of Food cookbook. It says anyone can learn to cook in 24 hours.’ One thing she’s really into is property. While we were eating, Alexandra was having her picture taken with her hero, Location presenter Kirstie Allsopp.

The ever practical Kirstie came prepared for cooking by bringing her own pinny. It was pretty, pink and made from vintage fabric by a lady in Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire. ‘Everyone needs a good pinny!’ she told me. Quite! Something else she’d thought about were her, ahem, undergarments because as we were chatting through the finer points of buying a house in today’s market she – and I exaggerate not – lifted her skirt so a crew member could tie her microphone pack round her waist. But of course she was wearing a lovely blue underskirt. ‘You learn to wear appropriate underwear when you come on these shows!’ she said. Indeed!