A taste of Leckford Estate: mushrooms

Silvana Franco visits Leckford, the Waitrose farm, to find out about the mushrooms grown there and cook an old favourite dish.

DURATION 0:03:50

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Recipe - Serves: 4


1 tsp unsalted butter
2 garlic cloves
250g portabellini mushrooms
250g pack chestnut mushrooms
4 slices Waitrose LOVE Life wholemeal continental style bread
Handful of snipped chives
4 tbsp half-fat crème fraîche


1. Heat 1 tsp unsalted butter in a large frying pan and cook 2 garlic cloves, chopped, over a gentle heat for 1 minute.

2. Add 250g portabellini mushrooms and a 250g pack chestnut mushrooms and stir-fry for 10 minutes until tender.

3. Meanwhile, toast 4 slices Waitrose LOVE Life wholemeal continental style bread.

4. Stir a large handful of snipped chives and 4 tbsp half-fat crème fraîche into the mushrooms. Spoon over the hot toast. 

Nutritional Info

Typical values per serving:

Energy 786.592kJ
Fat 8g
Saturated Fat 4.4g
Carbohydrate 20.7g
Sugars 2.9g
Protein 8.4g
Salt 2.9g
Fibre 5g

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