Glenrothes Select Reserve Single Malt Whisky Speyside 700ml


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One of the fastest growing single malt whiskies in the world - The must-have malt to stock in any respected whisky bar. One of the softest deliveries on Speyside, the silky barley and citrus caress the taste buds with rare tenderness - Well respected by whisky experts. The Glenrothes vintages are both finite and rare - Offers consumers the opportunity to drink a precious liquid that won\u2019t always be available. Unique \u2018sample room\u2019 bottle shape and hand-written label \u2013 Delivers exceptional back bar stand out. Appearance. Pale golden. Nose. American oak vanilla and coconut, hint of plums. Palate. Full malty flavour, medium sweet, vanilla and orange zest. Finish. Long and slightly spicy. From 1879 until the mid 1990s The Glenrothes from Speyside was known as a \u2018Top Class\u2019 malt only by Scotch whisky makers. Happily it is now available as a single malt to a growing band of like- inded connoisseurs, with an awardwinning range of expressions including vintages and our house style Select Reserve. History and Heritage. Origin/Location. Hidden from the main street in the town of Rothes, Speyside, the distillery lies at the foot of the Mannoch hills beside the Rothes Burn. The water that it used in the process of making The Glenrothes comes from two natural springs - the Ardcanny and the Brauchhill, just a couple of miles upstream. History. The first single malt from The Glenrothes distillery was bottled in 1994. Since then only a small number of vintages have been released, such is the exceptional quality required. Each vintage is, by definition, rare and finite and Select Reserve was therefore created to typify the house style of the distillery. Laden with juicy citrus, ripe fruits, creamy vanilla and a hint of spice the Select Reserve is the essence of The Glenrothes range. Production. Maturity Not Age: We only bottle when the whisky is ready and at its peak, thus ensuring outstanding flavour and differentiation between the different expressions. Select Reserve embodies this policy and stands at the heart of the range. Careful Cask Selection: There is a very high rejection rate of casks of excellent whisky that are not deemed good enough for the Single Malt. In fact only 2% of production goes into The Glenrothes - the rest goes to blends. Stringent Wood Policy: The Edrington Group has Scotland\u2019s most stringent wood policy, and is industry leader in maturation knowledge. We use a variety of casks to create a balance of flavours with great depth and structure. Unusually Slow Distillation: Very tall, uniform stills, a huge boiling ball with a second distillation at just ten litres per minute is probably the slowest in Scotland. This encourages reflux, reduces sulphur and increases exposure to copper, producing a consistently sweet, fruity, clean and elegant new spirit which develops with a distinct creamy texture once matured. Speyside single malt Scotch Whisky. Ripe fruits, citrus, vanilla, hints of spice.