Halloween pumpkin with carving kit each


Sorry, we no longer stock these items at the branch Cambridge.

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Product Summary

Includes pumpkin, tools&cutter guides. Pumpkin carving kit.

Usage Instructions

  • Carving Kit Caution. The package contains sharp tools for carving and is not a toy. All instructions must be read carefully before use. Tools must not be used for food preparation or any other purpose and must be stored safely when not in use. This product should only be used by children who are sufficiently skilled and under close supervision from an adult, (not recommended for children under 12 years of age). For safety purposes. Never leave lantern unattended. Never leave lit whilst asleep. Never attempt to transport whilst lit - in or out of the pumpkin. Never allow children in its proximity unsupervised. Never use this box to house pumpkin whilst lit. Never remove nightlight until it has cooled after extinguishing. Please keep information panel for future reference.

The tools should be stored out of the way of children.