Laverstoke Park buffalo burgers 228g




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Gluten free. No rusk. No artificial colourings and preservatives. Buffalo burgers. Pure and simple... Buffalo - like fine Beef, but lighter. We are still on Cloud Nine after winning 'The Best English Speciality' on top of 3 Gold Stars - the highest rating awarded by the Great Taste Awards for our Buffalo Fillet. We are really proud of this recognition from the most thoroughly judged food awards in the UK. Not only does buffalo taste as delicious as the very best beef, but from a nutritional point of view it's extremely lean. Try it for a change and discover why The Great Taste Award judges rated it so highly! Burgers&Sausages. Our burgers and sausages are real meals to savour. They are made on the farm using fresh stock, onions, garlic and herbs. Our buffalo burgers are truly special and our sausages are in a class of their own! Buffalo Milk. Buffalo milk is a totally natural product that can be used like any other milk. It is a popular alternative to cow's milk, goat milk and soya. In blind tasting trials, our buffalo milk comes out tops again and again - people just love the taste. Buffalo Mozzarella. Made the same way as the finest Italian Mozzarella with fresh milk from our own herds of water buffalo. Michelin starred chefs at Mayfair restaurant Murano gave it 10 out of 10 in a recent taste test. Buffalo Biltong. ""I missed traditional taste of biltong from the butcher's back home in South Africa, so we have the recreated it here. The unique, rich flavour of buffalo meat makes fantastic biltong. Biltong is made to a traditional recipe from the best cuts of matured buffalo meat and is slow dried without any artificial preservatives, flavouring or colourants. Ideal accompanied with our organic ale and lager."". Jody Scheckter


Buffalo Meat 94%, Fresh Onion, Unrefined Sea Salt, Stock (Water, Beef Bones 36%, Onions, Carrots, Leeks, Garlic, Thyme, Bayleaves, Peppercorns), Ground White Pepper, Garlic, Mace

Preparation & Storage


  • Important - PreparationWhen handling raw meat, ensure all surfaces, utensils and hands are thoroughly cleaned afterwards. Keep raw meat separate from cooked foods, ideally at the bottom of your fridge.
  • This product contains raw meat and must be cooked according to the cooking instructions.…Remove all packaging.…Do not reheat.…Domestic grills vary. The following is a guide only.…Ensurecooked throughout before serving. Shallow Fry From Chilled: Fry in a 1


Keep refrigerated below 5°C.Keep refrigerated after purchasing. If freezing, freeze on day of purchase and consume within 1 month. Defrost thoroughly and use within 24 hours. Once thawed do not re-freeze.