Catsan natural wood cat litter 10litre


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Product Summary

CATSAN®. Absorbs before odours can develop. Natural odour prevention. Always clean&natural. Fine-pored wood granules. 1. The specially-shaped wood granules quickly absorb moisture. 2. The natural pH of the softwood granules helps to prevent bacteria. 3. Efficiently neutralising odours before they develop. 4. CATSAN®Natural Wood, the natural safe and soft cat litter. 3 x more effective at preventing the growth of bacteria&odours*. CATSAN®Natural Wood offers your cat a litter tray that's always clean and provides natural protection from unpleasant odours. The fine-pored wood granules absorb liquid like a sponge. Meanwhile, the special wood essences and the naturally low pH prevent the formation of bacteria and odours 3 times more effectively than conventional cat litter.* CATSAN®Natural Wood consists of natural wood granules and is therefore completely biodegradable. *In comparison to conventional mineral-based lightweight litter products.

Usage Instructions

  • Instructions for use:Fill the litter tray with CATSAN®Natural Wood to a depth of approximately 5cm. Remove the solid waste and soiled litter regularly. Completely empty the litter tray at least once a week , and clean with near boiling water and household disinfectant. The tray should be completely dry before refilling with CATSAN®Natural Wood.Do not dispose of in toilet!

Recycling & Disposal

Component Material Recyclable
Pack Blank Yes